Art portrays stories, emotions, and themes. Likewise, in business, graphics depict the stories of companies and become the symbols that represent a brand and what the company stands for.

83% of consumers are visual learners. Graphics help them remember your brand and your message.


AFTER12 TEA’s graphic design specialists create infographics, formatted content, and custom design work that will capture your imagination, capture the spirit of your business, and capture customers’ attention.

Creativity is at the heart of all that we do. We were born creatives. We are very passionate about design and create a plethora of business and digital assets for our clients. We design and refresh websites, create graphics, and design a variety of packaging and print collateral. We design and print business and corporate holiday greetings. Our copy and design work is highly regarded and graces the websites and packaging materials of countless exceptional companies. Our business and corporate holiday cards are sought after months in advance due to the outstanding nature of our designs and service.

Here is just a small sampling of what we do.




Return = Content Marketing: People are more willing to read content if it is visual. In fact, their wiliness increases 80%.


Return = SEO: People search for answers. Among all the results, contents that have images receive 47% more clicks.


Return = Social Media Marketing: Standing out on social media requires great effort. Images get more likes, retweets, +1S, and shares.


Let's create!

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